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Spectrum A

Live performance, Techno & industrial , producer

Spectrum A started in the month of July 2016. After a conversation with a friend about music equipment, the founder of Spectrum A had an urge to create his own music. For several years, he was deejaying as a hobby, but soon found out that dance music nowadays, was of a lesser quality then what it used to be in the golden era of the early nineties, the era where Spectrum A’s founder was clubbing. So at that point, he bought Abelton live and started to learn the producing process by himself (and with some help of Chip, another local techno producer).


Soon after starting the learning process, he discovered that without any hardware, the process of creating music was extremly narrow, so he started with the complete Roland AIRA product line and found that this was exactly what he needed to enlarge creativity. It didn’t take very long before he enlarged this investment with hardware he carefully explored online, since every producer has his own way in creating the sounds he really wants.


The first productions where melodically of a good quality, but as expected, he had a lack of finesse in the build up of these sounds. Carefully exploring the internet and gathering information about producing techno music, the sounds he produced got better and better. Since there is no well structured and narrow scope guide on how to produce techno music, this was an extremely harsh task to accomplish.

At that point, a major issue emerged. He did have the hardware and he did have the software knowledge to create magnificent sound, only he had no clue on how to link the two up and quantize the sounds produced on the hardware to the rythem he had in mind. Exploring the internet learned him that using a focusrite interface made all of this possible and soon the quality of the productions improved.


Because of his Gothic and EBM background, combined with his clubbing experience in the early nineties, Spectrum A tried to produce his own sound and own genre combining these influences in his productions, creating a dark, melodic but danceable sound that could be a new trend in the electronic music scene. Now, he is looking into the possibilities of bringing this sound to a larger public in hoping to be able to put his mark on the scene once and for all.


Difficult as that may seem, he knows that through hard work and through expanding himself as a producer, one day, he will get the opportunity and share his production with the people that are part of the scene. With that knowledge, he started to bond with others, that have similar ideas without losing his own character. This resulted in a learning process, supported by others in the scene.


One year later, he started to develop his own live performance concept, using the Roland MX-1 live mixer. It is a well known fact, that tob e able to make it in that scene, live performance is the key to success. Still improving his skills and trying to master this concept, at the moment Spectrum A is trying to become a live act, that can guarantee that a dance floor will be populated on any occasion.


And this is what Spectrum A is all about. It is about fun, having tha opportunity to entertain people with a live act, filled with sounds that can challange any DJ performance combining danceable techno rythem with enough melody. Still evolving, the combination of the production of songs and live performance will eventually lead to better productions.

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