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DJ School initiations, lessons, camps, teambuilding, ...

Or personally learn how to: Dj, Ableton & Logic...

DJ Training

DJ Training programme. Do you want to become a DJ? Are you new to the game or do you have some experience already? Are you old school or do you prefer mp3? These training programs offer endless possibilities. You will learn the professional ropes and be thought by a professional DJ. It offers the opportunity to start a career or to boost your career as a DJ. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more!


Ableton Live

You can do anything with this software. Live is a complete package to make music in studio and on stage. Its various effects, instruments and many creative sounds enable the user to compose any type of music. This course offers a unique insight into this interesting package...


Logic pro

For those among you who use Mac we offer a Logic Pro teaching program. During this course you can create, modify and ultimately record all possible music styles, in an Apple-friendly environment.



School initiations, lessons, camps, teambuilding, ...

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