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Sjoerd Feyen

Progressive & Melodic Techno


The golden thread in my life.
This became apparent very quickly and even during my teens, music played an important role in my day to day life. I could listen for hours to DJ’s playing their sets in my parents’ venues. The connection came the first time I went clubbing – I was eighteen and hooked on house and techno.
From this point onwards, the highlights came in quick succession and I became the proud owner of two Technics, a Rodec mixer and an ever-growing collection of vinyls.
Club Montini launched their famous Crazy Zunday parties back in 2001 and offered me my first shot at performing in a real club. It was the breakthrough I needed and everything changed from this moment. By continuously raising the bar for myself, I kept growing and gained access to various clubs like Kokorico and Le Dimanche. In 2017, I started producing..... which is a new challenge and a dream come true.
Dream of music.
Dream of rhythm.
Dream of beats.
In each of my sets I try to express to my fans and the audience the way I feel about and experience these things.
Now I have reached heights I could only dream off…

Started in 2000
Performed in various concepts and clubs including, but not limited to:
Le Dimanche – Kokorico – La Rocca – La Bush – La Goa – Replay – Bocca - Cherry
Moon – Montini – Babylon – OJ’s – Medusa – Belfunk – Decadance – Phill’s Place –
Creamm – Tijuana – The Kings – Our House – Badaboom – Continious – B.S. –
Lavement – Tubeless – Amnesiac – Budha bar – Temple – Club 3000 and many more

  • SoundCloud - White Circle
  • facebook
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