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Dark & Hard Techno

LAMAJ was born in 2018. 

After some experimental years, the choice to start all over again was not so hard. 
Full-time producing and tunnel vision on dark hard techno. 
Creating music is with no rules, it's from your soul it has to be pure. Allot of artists I admire, I love the uniqueness of every single producer. 
Knowing your place and timing the right moment is the finishing touch of something great. 

Detroit showed me originality, and the basics of pure techno. 
Germany gave me the taste of raw industrial energy. 
Now I'm in Belgium, the industrial vibe, the intens acid taste is what drew me to WAM. I'm honored to be a part of this family now. We speak the same language not only in words but also in music. 

As a dutchman I can't deny the fact the 90s early hardcore scene is settled like a splinter in my mind. The energy is unbelievable addictive. 

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