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DJ / Producer, techno &hard techno

The adventure of Djonah Laforge started in 2017, when the buddys Noseda, Techkwando, and Spectrum A introduced him too the dark side of music...Techno!


Producing music  several years in other genres , he entered a new playground with mesmerizing new sounds, greedy of beats he began releasing techno and remixing techno for lots of artists in a frenzy like a madman scientist.


Going from hard techno too industrial techno  and always putting in his own imprint.


He already released on very nice labels like coincidence records, MTZ noir And is a resident artist on Geomterik records.


But Djonah laforge is not only an outlier in producing he is also a performer behind the booth!

With his mixsessions he appeals too numerous layers of techno audience.

Not limited by one shade of Techno , His trip behind the booth can be described in one sentence "never forget the past always embrace the future" and with a capital untz untz untz

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