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Like most DJs, he began practicing his skills at home.

Hours became days,

days became weeks,

weeks became months, 

until months became years.


It all started in 2014 with the purchase of his own dj set but the breakthrough came after he started taking lessons from Greg S in late 2016. 

After these lessons there was a DJ-contest in (BOCCA Destelbergen) where he finished high. 

As a result, a series of great assignments followed, such as:

- The Legendary Pava Reunion (2017 & 2018)

   (Nu Disco / Progressive house & melodic house / Retro)

- De gentse Feesten (2017)

   (All Around)

- Beachland (Pava Stage) (2018)

- Summerfest Aalter (2018 & 2019)

  (progressive house & melodic house / Retro / all around)

- Bring Back The Retro (2018)

- Balaton Sound (Belgian Camping) (2019)

- ....

(special thanks to Greg S, Dj Yves, Summerfest team, journey of sound, ... )


Even though the activities have been on hold because of Corona, the passion for music has never stopped. 

During that time, the focus has been on more genres during live streams on social media. 


As a result, he can handle multiple genres and is open to all kinds of bookings.

From 1 hour to all nighters.


Winning the DJ contest of ''We Are Music Agency'' on March 26, 2022 gives him the chance to give his DJ career a new boost and take on new challenges.


No one knows what the future holds, but with this DJ the motivation and passion remains high, 

to make something beautiful out of what once started as a hobby, thanks to your support.

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