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Dj Bolle

Retro - House, Progressieve Classics

Yves Foré,

Aka dj-bolle was born in Roeselaere in the summer of 69. After playing football untill my 16th birthday, I began to be very interested in new-wave and dance-music. On my 18th birthday I bought myself 2 turn-tables and a mixer, one year later I began spinning the decks, in "the Step in" Roeselaere.

After a few years, I took the big step to a big discotheque, "Eros" also in Roeselaere. From then on, it went all very fast. Trough Ferarri's, Megadrome Dyore and Diwi's, I became resident in Lagoa, where I playing on the famous Sunday-afternoons together with dj Olivier c. There we had 3 supreme years.

After a break of 4 years, Marie-jeanne, the boss of Lagoa, came to get me back to play together with dj Manu (kenton) in Room 2 of Lagoa. Room 2 is now know as Ground-zero, where I spin the decks till 2010. I was al so resident with dj-hs in the main-room and working by the management for lagoa till 2013. 

@ this time i still play @ lagoa and many clubs all over belguim and North France

My most beautifull memories are the clubs, Lagoa, Eros, Larocca backstage, D’yore, Cirao, Cheops, Le cube, City-parade, Djamnesia, Labush, Café d’anvers, Le purple, Memories oostende, Dreambeats, House torhout, Hype o dream, Retro nation, Club systemparty’s, Legends, Cirque magique - Land of love - I love retro and many more...


I want to thank everybody, with who I had the pleasure of working with...

Special thanx to Jillio, my friend in heaven!!!


Robert armani - Miss d'jaxx - Kenn ishi - Neon - Pierre - Jaydee - Raving george

Manu kenhton - John dahlback - Michael forzza - Joey beltram - Baback

Secret cinema - Jack de marseille - Dj hs - Yves deruyter - Marco de larocca

Insider - Frank biazzi - Darren emmerson - Olivier gosseries - Sven lanvin

Ramon tapia - Olivier pieters - Fred hush - Steve rahmad - Paul lanley

Dimitri andreas - 100% isis - Frank zolex - Cristo - Youri parker - Ghost

Felix da housecat - Bob sinclar - Green velvet - George's - Mr.Sam - Dj rush

Phi phi - Tony d'bart - Jeff mills - Trish & kash - Zinno - Technasia - Cp 

Philiphe traikos - Michel de hey - Franky jones - The mackenzie - Quincy

Jan van biesen - Push - Zhora -  Amelie lens - Cj bolland - Deborah deluca

Dimitri andreas -  Disco dasco - Cosmo - Sven vath - Monika kruse - Deetron

Marco bailey - T-quest - Joyhauser - Nico morano - Trish - Trixy - Clerkie

Emanuel top - Laurant top and many more...


Thanx everyone 4 the big support!!!

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