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Henning Richter

DJ & producer

As a trained audio engineer, he has chosen long time ago, music as his profession, much more so decided his appeal. 

His multifaceted primarily deep and hypnotic sets are always a storytelling combined with perfect timing, and a huge sense for aesthetic tunes and Frequenzys you feel when you see and hear him performing. He stays always underground and energetic, and his work also in different genres in music production do not go abroad unnoticed and have landed him many national and international bookings and building a name for himself. 

As a deejay he like primary to perform Deep and melodic peaktime Techno and his international travel experiences give him more and more success and a big experience. Underground music still, is Henning's favourite artform for truly express since 1990. His music productions combine a big spectrum of different genres in electronic underground music, because he also do sound design and music for advertisement, all with feelings and combined with life captured moments. 

For all those passion about music, he founded in 2008 also his own music studio, what includes also his own record label and booking agency, to form a place for creativity in music and network. That time also he worked in the past as A&R for other record labels, and get in touch with many other artists to share his work. 

All those experience give him a lot backround from the music industry. After a long time he get sick of the music industry and took a break from it. But still he worked every day hard on his productions and deejay skills and never stopped listen and playing underground music. His stations from his hometown Munich to Sydney Australia, back to Germany over Koblenz, Cologne and finally he arrived Berlin in early 2015. Now he focus again on his music to work with professional record labels, clubs to perform and promoters they also interested in quality underground music.

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