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Main genres [Techno/Hardtechno/Acid techno/Raw techno]

After always going out in the hardstyle- and retro scene, it has only been a little over a year since she discovered her infinite love for techno. And this a dark phase in her life, where it seemed that the world has stopped.


While listening to music on YouTube, like everyday, she came across a livestream set of the techno dj "Nusha".


The tracks she played and the way this DJ mixed the tracks, felt like coming home after a really long time. Every set from this DJ was played and the more she heard, the more curious she became about the rest of the techno world.


And that's how the ball started rolling, she searched and listened techno all day. A basic dj controller was purchased and she couldn't be kept away from it. Before work, after work, even during breaks, she was on it all the time.


Already after 2 months she took part in a dj contest of "Girls like dj's" by "Feathers events" and was selected to play at the event in the popular club Versuz.


In the same period, an acquaintance reported that he knew about weekly rave parties in Aalst and that the organization was doing try-outs to become a resident.


She took this opportunity with both hands and the organization wanted her as a resident! There was an immediate connection with the other resident DJs and after a few months, when the organization threw in the towel due to circumstances, the residents started organizing their raves themselves, with success.


It didn't take long before she was noticed by RadioBataklank, 3 weeks later she had already been on air twice and got a huge trusting support of this group. Not much later she was asked by "The Unknownland" and "Five Goals Studios" to do a livestream there as well.


Suddenly it went like a runaway train!

Long-time DJs like Øtin and Antartic sensed that something extraordinary was happening here and gave her the chance to bring it to a larger audience, nonetheless in Rumba&Co, where she made her club debut on April 30 and played till the roof was on fire.


Also her 1st track (in collaboration with Antartic) will be released soon and in the meantime she has joined the "We Are Music" family (agency).


And all of this in short time of 10 months, can you imagine where her passion will take her in a few years? Be sure to keep an eye out for Dj Mooki! 

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