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Uptempo Crossover with only one constant: danceable as hell !!!

Uptempo Crossover with only one constant: danceable as hell !!!

Bobalicious’ style is guided by energy and explores The Global Vibe, from Tropical to Booty Grooves and Afro Riddems, with a high danceable touch. Bobalicious has a successful ability to fuse various styles, genres and times. Focusing on originality, not categorizing his music in a conventional genre, but as a great feeling.

Each public appearance lets a charismatic, genuine, deeply affecting taste, never forgetting that the goal is to stay true, entertain and make the crowd feel his music in a totally unique and moving way. Standing still is punishable.

Ref: Zwarte Cross (NL), Festival op het Eiland (NL),  Werchter (Rock Village), Sziget (HN), Iboga Summer Festival (ESP), Snowbite (IT), Tomorrowland,  Polé Polé (bacardi stage/Mainstage), RingstedFestival (DK), Couleur Café, Antilliaanse Feesten, Gentse Feesten, Paulusfeesten, Polé Polé Beach, Ancienne Belgique, Festival Dranouter, Dranouter Aan Zee, Irie Vibes, Labadoux, ManiFiesta, Ubuntu, Copacabana, Paulusfeesten, Mardi Gras, KokopeliFestival, Stubru, Clamotte Rock, Land of Love, Hype o Dream, Barrio Cantina, Highlight, …

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