Antartic is a Belgian DJ & producer duo in the techno scene since 2019, also known as Tim Impens & Jeremy Cazier, both involved in the music industry for more than 20 years one way or the other. After they were both active in the harder styles scene, from playing hardstyle to hardcore, reaching +185 BPM, it was time for a new chapter, a new style for both artists with an unknown destination, but with a passion for techno sounds and rumbles. Within three months, more than 10 tracks were made and the scene was set for a new mission, sharing their techno productions, starting small and humble in a new environment at that time. A few months later, their first track was released by MTZ Noir Records, the track called "Erase The Pain" was the beginning of a learning process, a new way to express themselves, and it was also the start of great collaboration between both artists with different personalities. In the period that followed, more tracks were released on Strohm Records, Cherry Moon Records and Bonzai Progressive (Greg S. Remix). Jeremy & Tim have played in many clubs in the past and also on different radio stations, playing the harder techno combined with some commercial bangers and experimental tracks for time to time. Out of the box thinking is part of their nature, experimenting and combining elements from different styles, that's what they'll continue to do.

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